Its time again to celebrate our Festival of Harvest “Kirant Festival Ubhauli 2016. Please join in and feel proud by participating in this native festival. We “KIRANT SOCIETY OF NSW AUSTRALIA” cordially invite all Kiranti and Non Kiranti Nepalese to join and celebrate this festival with full entertainment and delicious food. You can find all Kiranti native attractions such as the two native dances Sakela & Kelang, native customs and native food and drinks.

Date: Saturday; 21st of May 2016 (Exact date of Baisakhi Purne)
Time: 12:00 onwards for general members (10:00 am for field volunteers)
Venue: Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Avenue, Earlwood (Old spot; Closest Train Station Tempe)

For any further information please feel free to contact the following Kiranti members.
Chitra Tumbahangphe: 0433 911 727
Ram Siptungkha: 0433 317 206