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Australia Day turns ugly

Jessica Wright, Dan Harrison, Dylan Welch January 27, 2012

INDIGENOUS leaders have promised more protests after a fiery clash between demonstrators and police that trapped the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader in a Canberra restaurant before the pair was dragged to safety and bundled into cars.

The protest was sparked by a comment by Tony Abbott that it was time to ”move on” from the Aboriginal tent embassy, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Violent scenes were seen outside the Lobby restaurant several hundred metres from Parliament House, where Julia Gillard and Mr Abbott were presenting the inaugural National Emergency Medals, after more than 100 people from the tent embassy surrounded the building for more than 20 minutes. The situation was so volatile that Ms Gillard’s federal police escort decided to rush her from the event. As they did she stumbled and they dragged her from the restaurant to a car.


About 50 police, including members of the riot squad brandishing batons and carrying plastic shields, had clashed with angry protesters who were chanting ”shame”, ”racist” and ”always was, will be, Aboriginal land” and banging on the glass walls of the restaurant.

A conversation between Ms Gillard and her security team inside the restaurant was caught by Channel Nine cameras. Her bodyguards were concerned the glass walls would cave in under the force of the protesters’ banging. ”We feel that the situation is deteriorating and can’t stay much longer,” a member of the security team said.

”What about Mr Abbott? Where have you got him?” Ms Gillard asked. ”We’d better help him through, too, hadn’t we?”

Source: smh.com.au

Oli & Associates GNC League Soccer Cup 2011/12

Kirat Udhauli in KTM

Silli Workshop Concluded

I would like to thank all of you who attended the two “Silli Workshops”. It was an inspiring experience! To those of you who could not make it for this time of year due to personal reasons, there will be another one next time around. I do hope that everyone attended benefited from the program. YOUR FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST ONE! you have done it again! and it will only get better and easier from here. Congratulations!

About 20 plus attended the First workshop and 30+ attended the Second one. Special mention of those who contributed with light refreshments for the programs are along with their families Sameer Bantawa, Raju Subba, Sashi Rai, Mohan Rai, Santosh Rai, Bashodha Rai and Chitra Tumbahangphe.

Thank you once again.

Narendra Rai
On behalf of Kirat Council in Sydney
See you all on this Saturday (Kirati Day)

NOTE: I would like you to invite you all at Kirat Udhauli Festival on this coming Saturday. Follow this link to read more.

Sakela/Chyabrung Silli Workshop

Following the grand and successful past tradition, the Kirat Council of Sydney has decided to hold two “Silli Workshops” for “Chandi” and “Chyabrung” this time of the year, on two consecutive weeks of 27th November and 4th of December, two Sundays, more info below.

Time: 6 – 8 PM (Sharp)
Date: 27 November 2011 (Sunday) and 4th December 2011 (Sunday)
Venue: Canterbury Senior Citizen Hall, 66 Princess Street, Canterbury

Purpose of this training is to teach basic movements of “Sakhewa (Rai)” and “Chyabrung (Limbu)” dances and also to learn complex “sillis” and share the laughter and merry-making on the occasion of Kirat Festive season “Udhauli 2011”.

पहिलो चाक्चाकुर साहित्य प्रतियोगिता २०६८

कुलुङ्हरुको माहान चाड चाक्चाक्कुर को अबसर मा “चाक्चाकुर्” शिर्षकमा गीत कबिता मुक्तक तथा गजल प्रतियोगिता भब्यताका साथ नाताबम डट कम ले आयोजना गरिरहेको जानकारी गर्दछौ |तपाईंहरुको हौसला पूर्ण सहभागिताको लागी हार्दिक अपेक्षा गर्दछौ |
ं प्रथम पुरस्कार् :- नगद रु १००० तथा आकर्षक उपहार
ं दोस्रो उपहार :- नगद रु ५०० तथा आकर्षक उपहार
ं तेस्रो पुरस्कार :- नगद रु २०० तथा आकर्षक पुरस्कार
पठाउने अन्तिम मिति(पौष १५ गते २०६८ )
… बिजेता घोषणा पौष १६ गते गरिने जनकारी गराउदछौ |
पठाउने ठेगना: naren@natabam.com
नोट्: कुलुङ भाषालाई बिषेश प्राथमिक्ता दिइनेछ |

Kirat Festival Udhauli 2011

Photo: Ashish Lohorung


“Syamumne”, “Sewane”, “Seubu”, “Sewaro” and “Namaste / Namaskar”! On behalf of the Kirant Families Sydney Australia & the Council of the Kirant Festival UDHAULI 2011, Wishing You All “A VERY HAPPY UDHAULI 5071 (YD/YT), 2068 (BC) & 2011 (AD)”

Would you please come along with your families, friends to share and celebrate the spirit of the Kirant Festival Udhauli 2011.

Based on the Kirants Mundhum, “Long Long Time Ago, the Legendary Kirant King Yelambar, the MUNDHUMI Kirants Civilisation, Traditional Kirats Cultures & … Values … Began to Practice in the Kirant Bhumi / Desh / Country / Nepal.” “Since Then and Now 5071, The Legend, The Trend, The Kirant People”

Soi Dhole Soi,
Aarko Dhole Khoi,
Hurra Ha… Ha… Kurra Ha… Ha… !
Ashare Mahinama Dhanai Ropinchha,
Mangshire Mahinama Dhanai Nachinchha,
Chuiya Ha… Ha… Ha… !

“Our Cullture, Our Heritage, Our Identity, Our Pride”

Would you please find the attached PDF Files, which contained very important information regarding the Kirant Festival Udhauli 2011. Please share with others.

Date: Saturday, 10 December 2011
Time: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Place: Gough Whitlam Park, Undercliffe / Tempe / Earlwood NSW 2206 AUSTRALIA

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