Photo: Ashish Lohorung


“Syamumne”, “Sewane”, “Seubu”, “Sewaro” and “Namaste / Namaskar”! On behalf of the Kirant Families Sydney Australia & the Council of the Kirant Festival UDHAULI 2011, Wishing You All “A VERY HAPPY UDHAULI 5071 (YD/YT), 2068 (BC) & 2011 (AD)”

Would you please come along with your families, friends to share and celebrate the spirit of the Kirant Festival Udhauli 2011.

Based on the Kirants Mundhum, “Long Long Time Ago, the Legendary Kirant King Yelambar, the MUNDHUMI Kirants Civilisation, Traditional Kirats Cultures & … Values … Began to Practice in the Kirant Bhumi / Desh / Country / Nepal.” “Since Then and Now 5071, The Legend, The Trend, The Kirant People”

Soi Dhole Soi,
Aarko Dhole Khoi,
Hurra Ha… Ha… Kurra Ha… Ha… !
Ashare Mahinama Dhanai Ropinchha,
Mangshire Mahinama Dhanai Nachinchha,
Chuiya Ha… Ha… Ha… !

“Our Cullture, Our Heritage, Our Identity, Our Pride”

Would you please find the attached PDF Files, which contained very important information regarding the Kirant Festival Udhauli 2011. Please share with others.

Date: Saturday, 10 December 2011
Time: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Place: Gough Whitlam Park, Undercliffe / Tempe / Earlwood NSW 2206 AUSTRALIA