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Kirat Festival Ubhauli 2016

Its time again to celebrate our Festival of Harvest “Kirant Festival Ubhauli 2016. Please join in and feel proud by participating in this native festival. We “KIRANT SOCIETY OF NSW AUSTRALIA” cordially invite all Kiranti and Non Kiranti Nepalese to join and celebrate this festival with full entertainment and delicious food. You can find all Kiranti native attractions such as the two native dances Sakela & Kelang, native customs and native food and drinks.

Date: Saturday; 21st of May 2016 (Exact date of Baisakhi Purne)
Time: 12:00 onwards for general members (10:00 am for field volunteers)
Venue: Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Avenue, Earlwood (Old spot; Closest Train Station Tempe)

For any further information please feel free to contact the following Kiranti members.
Chitra Tumbahangphe: 0433 911 727
Ram Siptungkha: 0433 317 206


Kirat Udhauli in KTM

Silli Workshop Concluded

I would like to thank all of you who attended the two “Silli Workshops”. It was an inspiring experience! To those of you who could not make it for this time of year due to personal reasons, there will be another one next time around. I do hope that everyone attended benefited from the program. YOUR FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST ONE! you have done it again! and it will only get better and easier from here. Congratulations!

About 20 plus attended the First workshop and 30+ attended the Second one. Special mention of those who contributed with light refreshments for the programs are along with their families Sameer Bantawa, Raju Subba, Sashi Rai, Mohan Rai, Santosh Rai, Bashodha Rai and Chitra Tumbahangphe.

Thank you once again.

Narendra Rai
On behalf of Kirat Council in Sydney
See you all on this Saturday (Kirati Day)

NOTE: I would like you to invite you all at Kirat Udhauli Festival on this coming Saturday. Follow this link to read more.

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